Yorbael Lightfall

A Dwarven Paladin with a in search of answers and redemption.


Yorbael Lightfall was born to a normal dwarven family. His father was a miner and part time blacksmith and his mother was a cook and nurse maid when needed. Yorbael’s childhood consisted of him helping his father and playing in the mines of the Five Kings Mountains. Highhelm is where their home is located; it is the largest of the dwarven cities in the area.

Like most other families in the city, Yorbael’s family worshiped Torag. Yorbael really liked to worship and as he grew older spent more and more time at the temple. Once he was old enough he joined the Order of the Light Forge. The Order, as it is referred to, is a select group of paladins that are trained in the secret ways of their order. They are just like most paladins, as they fight for justice and follow the path of their deity, but these paladins swear an Oath to the Leader of the Order. He is treated as a God on Earth.

Yorbael was fully trained with the Order by the time he was 25, which is on the younger side for an Order member. After 12 years he considered his order brothers and sisters as family and they thought the same of him.

One day Yorbael was at the annual gathering of the Order (this is where all the Order members come together, no matter what they are doing at the time) waiting for the great feast. The Terra Torag (Earth bound God or Order leader) was doing his usual speech to the masses, when he stopped in the middle. This was highly unusual during the gathering. He called up Yorbael and another Paladin. This was surely not the normal speech. The Terra Torag then started talking about betrayal amongst the masses. Yorbael knew for sure he was not guilty of anything such as this. So he looked at the other paly on the platform. He had sweat dripping of his brow and hands were shaking like he just saw a orc in his bed. What could have this paly done that would warrant this reaction? Well the Terra Torag never specifically said what the dwarf did or did not do. He then turns to Yorbael and commands him to execute the traitor. Yorbael is taken back, he is not an executioner, he is a bringer of justice and the word of Torag. Yorbael asks “What has the accused done?” in a loud commanding voice. The Terra Torag replies that it does not matter; only that Yorbael follows the command. Yorbael looks at the Dwarf, who is now scared but oddly not moving or trying to get away. He thinks maybe this is a test of some kind, but nothing he has ever heard of in his life.

Yorbael looks squarely in the Terra Torag’s eyes and says in a loud voice “I am no executioner! I am a Paladin of the Order of the Light Forge!” The Terra Torag looks at him sternly and says “Is this your final answer?" Yorbael says “Yes.” “Then you are banished!” shouts the Terra Torag.

Yorbael gathered his things and left the city. He didn’t have time to say goodbye to his family or his friends. He still does not know to this day what became of the other paladin or what his crime might have been.

The last 3 years Yorbael has been wandering the country side looking for work, but always staying true to the Order. He may not be an official member any longer, but that doesn’t mean he does not believe in their ways.

Yorbael Lightfall

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