I have many names, but some call me... Tim?


He has had many names, but ther are some who call him Tim. He has had many adventures, but we don’t really know about any of them. He is a wizard of great power, probably. He rescued some of the players from the “curse” of the wretched that threatened Black Briar Hollow, rescued the others from their debt, and now acts as their sponsor as the seek entry into the Pathfinder Society.

What little we know of Tim was revealed as our heroes defeated the Wretched Knight, Marius. The dark force that had reanimated Marius imploded, leaving a dark crystal shard in its place. Tim took the shard for safe keeping, and explained in an unusually serious tone…

It was once known as Araushnee, the Dawnstar, and served the Elven Lord, Leofrick. He fell in the battle with the Witch, Diagox, who corrupted the light and took it for her own. It became Zon, the Sunbreaker, and gave her the strength she needed to break our defense. I managed to defeat Diagox by stealing the shard, and banishing her to the abyss. I knew it might allow her to return if ever it fell into the hands of her master, the Demon Lord Sonechard. I tried for nearly a year to destroy it, but it is beyond my power, and so I hid it. Marrius served with me in the crusade. He fell in the final battle with the witch. I returned his body home to Black Briar Hollow, and buried the weapon with him where none would think to look. Since then I have stood watch, unaware of the evil growing in the shell of my old friend. I had thought that chapter closed, but it would appear that I was wrong.


Dark Times in Black Briar Hollow SweeneyBeard