Philip Rham

Owner & Barkeep at the Seven Rams


Philip is the seventh “Ram” at the seven Rams, an Inn for travelers, tavern, and the social center of the town. The other 6 Rams are mounted on the surrounding walls. Phillip is the third Rham to operate this tavern, which was first opened by his grandfather. He was raised here and knows most of the people in town and much about the surrounding area. In fact, Philip knows most their is to know in The Hollow, and is a good source of information and direction.

Phillip just wants to serve good beer to good people and provide them with a good place to sleep as his father and his grandfather did before him. He’s typically jovial and talkative, but handles bar-room brawls with poise and confidence. The Wretch and the murder of his barmaid leaves him panicked and traumatized, however, and he agrees to provide our heroes with free room and board if they’ll simply take the body of the Wretch out of his tavern and off to see the wizard on the edge of town. Surely he’ll know what to do.

Philip Rham

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