Marius, the Wretched Knight

Fallen knight cursed in death.


Marius served in the defense of Kenabres against the horde of the witch, Diagox. His body was returned to its home in Black Briar Hollow by the wizard, Tim. With his corpse was hidden Zon, the weapon of the very witch that slew him. It was Zon that captured and corrupted the soul of Marius, and reanimated his body to do its bidding.

Our heroes defeated Marius in the goblin caves deep beneath the graveyard where he was laid to rest. They freed his wretched soul from the corruption of Zon, and in return, he left them with a warning…

Kill me! Kill me now and end this! Take it to the wizard, and tell him his plan has failed. The Witch has returned, and hungers for that which he stole. Now kill me! Quickly! I cannot hold it back much longer, and it will not let you live this time.

Marius, the Wretched Knight

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