Janak Battletoe

Ranger, pirate, and hero of the Pathfinder Society.


Jannak is a ranger, and some say a pirate. Either way, he’s legend among Dwarves, Rangers, and Pathfinders alike. He is responsible for recovering the lost spear of Ummm from a dungeon deep in the Shattered Mountains. He rescued the Prince of Thieves from an insane dragon in the desert outside Manaket. He defeated the evil demon, Carl, in hand-to-hand combat, saving the last of the Redtusk Clan in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords. And there are some who say that he cannot be killed.

Currently, Janak is overseeing the Trials of Raziel that will determine whether or not our heroes are admitted into the Pathfinder Society.

Janak Battletoe

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