Dolren Lightbringer

Faithful sibling dedicated to Sarenrae.


Age: 50
Height: 4.0 ft
Weight: 200 lbs


Dolren, along with his twin sister, was born into a family which prized tradition and honor above all else. His was a family of Paladins and Clerics. The Lightbringers were known for their healing ability and fighting prowess. Dolren took after their father,Thardrem Lightbringer, a cleric of some note in their small home town of Beghdur which was a day’s ride to Highhelm. When Dolren began his training he quickly realized he had an aptitude for healing and easily connected with the goddess Sarenrae. His holy symbol, a silver upside-down war hammer pendant, represents their family’s crest.

Early in his life he believed in following the same traditions as his family. However, as he matured, he saw the trouble that his sister had to endure because she was different. This caused him to rethink his view of the world. He values his twin sister above anything else in the world. He feels that everyone is deserving of doing that they want in life. He has learned that the way of his family was not going to be his way. This led to him fully supporting his sister’s decision to leave the family and train with the Bonebreakers. He is always ready to defend the innocent and ensure that his fellow adventures do not fall in battle.

Dolren Lightbringer

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