Brauna Lightbringer

A familiy black-sheep with serious anger issues.


Age: 50
Height: 4.0 ft
Weight: 160 lbs


Brauna Lightbringer was born a minute before her twin brother, Dolren, into a family built on traditions. The Lightbringer family has trained all young dwarves in the family as Clerics and Paladins. Brauna didn’t take to the family traditions and never felt a connection with any God. She believes in herself and freedom over putting any faith in the Gods.

The elder family members see Brauna as a shameful secret to be hidden. At a young age, Brauna snuck out of training and came across three young dwarves that had surrounded another young Dwarf. She rushed in to help the Dwarf that she perceived to be unfairly targeted. After giving a good fight, she came to find out that they were Barbarians in training from the Bonebreaker family. They welcomed her to train with them and she happily took their offer.

Brauna Lightbringer

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